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Pairing plants with people.


Meet Anela

My love of plants goes way back to the fond memories I have of both of my grandmothers’ perennial gardens back in Croatia and countless hours spent planting flowers with my mom in my childhood home.

The obsession – and the size of my houseplant collection – really took off when my husband and I moved our family into a home with a retro 1980s sunroom addition. My young children share the space as their playroom, surrounded by the scenery and serenity of houseplants both big and small. To say my plants are happy there is an understatement. But more importantly, the space is a happy place for the whole family.

I started my houseplant Instagram account in 2018 and began sharing progress pics of my plants along with plant care tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. I’d been helping friends and family troubleshoot their plant problems for years, and now I was getting messages from complete strangers looking for guidance—and I loved it! Most often, I could see the issue the plant was facing and what could be done to fix it. I soon realized that sharing my knowledge of plants in a way that helped match plants to the people who would be caring for them was a real opportunity for me to do what I love and help support my family.


When I saw a “short bus” driving through Lakeview one day, a vision came into focus: a mobile shop that would allow me to spread my knowledge and passion throughout Calgary and area, contributing to a community of happy shoppers with the confidence to help their plants thrive.   

Plant pairing and education is very important to be because owning and caring for plants should ease our stress, not add to it! Plants are meant to make us happy, to bring some wild and green into our urban spaces and to improve the air in our homes through that special little thing they do called photosynthesis. Most plant problems are simply a mis-match between what the plant needs and where it is placed. I don’t want to sell a cactus to someone who only has north facing windows in their home—that poor little guy is not going to make it and that person will have lost an investment of their time and money. Nobody wins. My goal is to help everybody find the plants that will bring nothing but joy to their space.


We have big plans beyond Ray and have quickly built up a full suite of services including an online plant shop, home and business consultation services such as plant installations and events, and in-home workshops including glass terrariums, Christmas wreaths and center-pieces. 

I look forward to growing this business leaf by leaf and piece by piece. 


Whatever I can dream up between waterings!

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