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Quality plants on the move.

Meet RAY

bus interior 2.png

Creating a mobile plant shop is not for the faint of heart and my journey had some major ups and downs.

As soon as we brought our short school bus home, the first order of business was ripping out those ugly, torn up plastic covered seats! We initially tried to unscrew them, but with the way they are anchored onto that bus (for good reason!), we had to grind them all off and hammer away at the flooring to get the bolts to pop out from below.

Once we got the seats out, the search for new flooring was on. I wanted a nice light wood grain to match the overall “Scandinavian with a hit of SoCal” aesthetic I envisioned. We settled on a glue down vinyl plank tile and I found the perfect product from a local shop in Calgary. Yay Metro Hardwood!


In order to make the new flooring stick (for the long term), we needed a flat surface, but the rubber floors on a school bus have ridges to prevent slips and falls. We decided to pull up the existing rubber and put down a layer of cement, to make sure the surface was flat and to give the new flooring something to stick to. My fingertips and ego both took a beating that day—it was NOT easy.   

With new floors in, we moved on to cabinet design. We decided on low shelves only up to the windows and copper piping across the top of the windows to hang our trailing plants. 

On the exterior, we had to remove all of the old decals, reflective stickers and shoddy patch jobs in rust spots that we had to fill and re-sand before Ray gets his fresh coat of light green paint. My least favorite part of this labour of love was removing the decals and reflective tape. The process is long and frustrating, but vital for a clean and somewhat smooth paint job. We finished off our mobile greenhouse with some fun plant inspired decals across many of the windows, sides, and each end of the bus.

We love the reaction from people when they see Ray for the first time and we encourage everyone to get a picture with or of Ray! Share on social media with the hashtag #thesunroomplants for 10% off your next purchase! (see in store for details!)

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